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Being Younger than Classmates Increases ADHD Diagnoses

The youngest classmates before age 10 were more likely to have ADHD.

In a Finish population-level study, the youngest classmates in early elementary school were more likely to receive a diagnoses of ADHD until 10 years of age. Confounders such as learning disorders did not affect the finding. Ellen G White, an early health reformer wrote, "It is customary to send very young children to school.... This course is not wise. A nervous child should not be overtaxed in any direction." (Child Guidance, page 302)

PositiveTip: It is healthier for a child to start school a little older rather than "outgrow" an ADHD diagnoses.

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California Raises Legal Age for Tobacco Sales

California second state to raise legal age of smoking.

Following Hawaii, California is raising the legal age for smoking. Sales of both traditional tobacco products and e-cigarettes to those under 21 is now prohibited. Interestingly, active military personnel are exempt from this law.

PositiveTip: There is no safe form of tobacco, nor any safe age to start using these products.

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Proposed Reclassification of Tanning Beds

Melanoma is second leading cause of invasive cancer in 15-29 year olds.

The Federal government (U.S.) has proposed that indoor tanning beds be labeled stating those 18 or younger should not use them, and that people who do, need regular cancer screening. The same proposal has reclassified these beds as a Class II medical device, requiring the manufacturers to show that the product meets performance standards.

PositiveTip: Get the sunlight you need outdoors in appropriate amounts--daily if possible.

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More Younger Women at Risk for Heart Attack

Smoking and obesity raise the risk of heart attacks at a young age.

Smoking and obesity are the main risk factors of first heart attack (specifically a STEMI: ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction) in younger people, and especially women. An analysis of French registries for 15 years has found that STEMI in women younger than 60 jumped from 11.8% to 25.5%. During this same time period, the rate of smoking increased from 32% to 41% and the obesity prevalence climbed from 14.3% to 20%.

PositiveTip: Avoid (or stop) smoking and keep those excess pounds off to reduce the risk of heart attacks.

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Age of First Alcohol Use Leads to More Problems Later

Drinking and getting drunk at an early age associated with big problems when college seniors.

A longitudinal study of incoming college freshmen revealed a startling association between younger drinking age and heavy drinking. The earlier in life the students started drinking, the more problems they had in school and work, blackouts, vomiting and other problems by their senior year (P<0.001). The younger the onset of drinking the higher the risk of alcohol-related problems later, including binge drinking.

PositiveTip: Avoid alcohol at any age to prevent the negative impact of drinking.