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Occasional Childhood High BP May Predict Hypertension

Episodic childhood high blood pressure may signal adult hypertension.

One blood pressure reading above the 95th percentile (hypertension) before leaving high school resulted in 3 times the risk of adult hypertension after adjusting for age, gender, and BMI. This University of Indiana study began in 1986 with 1117 healthy children who were 12 years old. They were followed until they reached 33 years old. (Reported in an abstract.)

PositiveTip: Children who experience even occasional increases in blood pressure should be monitored closely--and reduce sodium intake, exercise regularly, and lose weight if necessary.

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Fearless Until They Grow Up

Society has good reason to recognize teenagers' lack of fear.

Ever noticed how fearless adolescents can be, and then wonder if they would ever become more cautious as they get older? In a careful study of adolescent and adult mice, researchers have demonstrated neurophysiological differences that help explain why teenagers often struggle to appropriately judge danger.

PositiveTip: A legal age for driving actually does have a biological basis.