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Chicken and Eggs Make Prostate Cancer Grow

Processed meat and fish have been shown to be associated with the risk of developing advanced prostate cancer. There are only two studies that have looked at the kinds of foods that cause prostate cancer to grow and spread once the diagnosis of prostate cancer has already been made.

Hen with eggs and chicks.

A study just published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that men with a higher consumption of eggs and chicken with the skin more than doubled the risk of rapid growth and spread of prostate cancer. The study started with 1294 men with stable prostate cancer who showed no sign of progression or recurrence of their disease. Over the following two year period, 127 of these men developed rapid progression or death from prostate cancer. Most often the culprit was a diet high in chicken and eggs.

The growth promoting properties of chicken may be due to heterocyclic amines, which are mutagens present at high concentrations in well-done poultry and have been shown to induce malignant prostate tumors in rats. Eggs also influence the plasma level of choline which is a marker associated with a greater risk of prostate cancer.

Perhaps the time has come for men to seriously consider giving up eggs in the diet--certainly those diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Comments (3)

#1 from TUG on .

What about "EGG BEATERS" which is made ONLY of egg WHITES ?

#2 from Elvin Adams, MD on .

It remains uncertain as to whether the properties in eggs that cause prostate cancer to grow reside in the yolk or in the white of the egg. This is an issue that could be tested but was not part of this particular study. So, one does NOT know if EGG BEATERS is safer than whole eggs when it comes to promoting prostate cancer growth or not. EGG BEATERS don't have the cholesterol found in regular eggs so there may be an heart disease/stroke advantage with EGG BEATERS.

#3 from Elvin Adams, MD on .

It was not clear from this study which was only done with whole eggs. EGG BEATERS were not identified in this study. The factors that make prostate cancer grow may be in the yolk or in the egg white.