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Are Vaccines Linked to Autism?

In 1998 a fabricated study was published suggesting a link between autism and vaccines.

In 1998 a U. K. "scientist" by the name of Andrew Wakefield published an article in The Lancet claiming a link between autism and vaccines. In the intervening years millions have been spent on further studies. No link was found! See the facts and history of this fabrication in an easy-to-understand info graphic with references. 

PositiveTip: Protect your young children and your friends' children by taking  them for their scheduled vaccinations.

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The Need for Critical Evaluation

Unbalanced and poorly reported health information can impact lives.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation aired an investigative documentary (later withdrawn) discussing the side-effects of statins. They reported an"increased risk of 50 percent" for diabetes, which would more accurately be described as a change from two people out of 200 with diabetes to three people out of 200. Researchers estimate an extra 28,000 Australians stopped taking these cholesterol-lowering meds after the documentary aired. This could have translated to 2900 preventable, and potentially fatal cardiovascular incidents.

PositiveTip: Consult with your health care professional before abandoning any prescription medication.

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Exercise Training Without Fitness Improvement is Beneficial for Diabetics

Movement, not fitness, seems to mediate glucose control in diabetics.

Does physical activity in type 2 diabetics help even if  fitness levels do not improve? Researchers reanalyzed the data from the HART-D trial and found that the HbA1c levels improved by just over 25% and body fat percentage along with waistlines decreased--even without improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness. The movement of physical activity seems to improve diabetic control regardless of changes in fitness.

PositiveTip: Don't give up on moving, even if you feel your fitness level is not improving.

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Health Consequences of Fashion

Skinny jeans now join corsets, hoop skirts, and high, stiff collars as health hazards.

A young lady was admitted to an Adelaide hospital with numbness in her feet and unable to lift her feet off the ground. She was wearing skinny jeans and had been doing squats all day helping a friend pack for a move. The doctors had to cut off her too tight pants! She was diagnosed with tibial nerve damage, and 4 days later was discharged when she was able to walk unaided.

PositiveTip: Avoid popular fashions that pose risks to your health!

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Set Down That Salt Shaker

CDC reports one in 9 children (8-17 years) has high blood pressure.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says about 90% of U.S. school children consume too much sodium each day. It may come as a surprise that only 10 common foods contribute 40% of the sodium eaten by children. Check out the great resources and infographics to help your family be sodium wise. Remember, healthy eating starts in the home.

PositiveTip: Make healthy eating a "team sport" for the whole family so each member can benefit.

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Should You Get a Height-Adjustable Desk?

Sitting for long periods of the day increases risks for major disease.

Do height-adjustable workstations actually encourage people to stand more, and does standing translate to reduced risks? A review of five small studies comparing employees who used height-adjustable desks with those who did not failed to find any differences. The authors stated standing might be only marginally better than sitting and moderate to vigorous purposeful exercise could be more useful.

PositiveTip: Instead of sitting all day, go for a short walk several times per day!

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Physical Activity Benefits Those with Asthma

Aerobic training can reduce bronchial hyperresponsiveness in asthmatics.

Physical activity is good for the heart, good for the mind, good for burning calories, and good for reducing the risk of cancer. Now a small Brazilian study has found aerobic exercise can improve asthma symptoms in those with moderate-to-severe disease compared to the control group. Two 35-minute bouts of treadmill exercise per week for 12 weeks resulted in less-frequent exacerbations and better quality of life.

PositiveTip: Maintain physical fitness for all-round good health and reduced risk of disease.

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Can Some Babies be Hardwired for Obesity?

Children of obese parents at higher risk for obesity and diabetes.

Early research on fetal stem cells found an obese mother may "program" her child's cells to accumulate extra fat. This epigenetic study found cells from babies of obese mothers had greater accumulation of fat and a higher content of biomarkers for fat cells. This research is continuing, but these findings remind us the Bible teaches that traits can be passed from parents to children and even grandchildren (Exodus 34:7).

PositiveTip: Making good choices today may protect your children and grandchildren tomorrow.

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Good Advice for Cancer Survivors

Fourteen million in the U.S. survived cancer!

A lot is known today about how food, diet and physical activity relate to the health of those who survive cancer. The American Institute of Cancer Research (AICR) in partnership with the World Cancer Fund provides some very practical guidelines to reduce future risk. These include focusing on a mostly plant-based diet, avoiding even small amounts of alcohol, exercising daily, and not smoking.

PositiveTip: Choose wise living to increase your chances of surviving cancer.

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Get Off Your Posterior!

Physical activity has been engineered out of our lives today!

In the U.S. and the U.K. 70-95% of adults are inactive. Office workers should move around or stand for at least 4 hours during the workday for reductions in heart disease, diabetes and all-cause mortality risks. A Canadian study found significant reductions in risk for cardiovascular mortality in those who stood more than two hours per day, with the greatest benefit in those who stood 4 or more hours daily.

PositiveTip: For your health, make your goal to "move it, move it, move it"!